Reliable Volvo Repair in Salt Lake City

European & Japanese Auto Repair is the go-to auto shop for Volvo repairs in Salt Lake City.
Our Volvo repair services cover braking systems, engine repairs and more.

If you’re looking for Volvo repair in Salt Lake City, rely on none other than the ASE-certified professionals at European & Japanese Auto Repair.

Volvos are solid, dependable cars. But even a Volvo needs repairing now and again. Those repairs are what can help you hand your Volvo down to kids one day. Different models can sometimes have different issues, but that’s why it’s important to use an auto repair shop with that has mechanics with proven skills.

The faster we can repair your car, and the longer the repair lasts, the more money you save.

Depend on the expert team at European & Japanese Auto Repair for Volvo repairs in Salt Lake City.

A Wide Range of Auto Services for Volvos

We work on vehicles manufactured by European automakers such as Volvo. Our technicians have experience repairing these vehicles, making them the right people for any repair or maintenance job your Volvo may need.

Our repair services include:

We also provide maintenance and other services, such as:

ASE-Certified Technicians

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) is a prominent organization that certifies shops and professionals in the automotive repair and service industry. At European & Japanese auto repair, all our technicians are ASE-certified and they are experts in handling Volvo repairs. When you bring your car to us, you can expect nothing but excellence.

Honest, Straightforward Approach

Be it major a repair or a simple tuneup, our staff uses an honest, straightforward approach. We do a free diagnostic service and if we find anything wrong, our technicians explain your options, along with the pricing. Plus, we provide a quick turnaround. After all, we understand that you love your Volvo and you want to get back on the road as soon as possible.

Several Auto Warranties Available

European & Japanese Auto Repair’s services are available for all makes and models. But we specialize in complete Volvo repair and maintenance services. We also have a variety of auto warranties available for your protection.

For the past 30 years, our clients have appreciated our honest and straightforward approach to our workmanship. We provide the same level of service to you.

Bring your Volvo to our shop anytime or call us for a service quote.

What sets European & Japanese Auto Repair from their competitors?

Skill and knowledge are important in any job, but neither is a substitute for experience. Here at European & Japanese Auto Repair, we have all three.

Our family-owned business has been around for 25 years, and we hire only the best mechanics. We rely on our reputation to get new customers, and to keep the old ones as well. That’s why we make the effort to not only do the very best job on your Volvo possible, but to communicate clearly with you and to be friendly and responsive to questions.

We’re here to help get your Volvo back on the road as well as put a smile on your face.

Count on the team at European & Japanese Auto Repair when you need Volvo repair in Salt Lake City.

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